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Relationships are central to who we are, how we feel about life and ourselves.

From infancy to adulthood relationships form and shape us and are the source of much joy but also disappointment and distress and at times deep pain. Fulfilling and harmonious relationships are what most people desire but in reality this is often difficult to achieve. Working on improving, restoring and healing those important relationships is deeply rewarding.

Couples Counselling

Couples may struggle in unsatisfying and unhappy relationships for years and not know how to improve or change the situation.  Couples counselling can help to identify the problem areas and at the same time help to formulate the hopes and goals for the future of the relationship.

We would look at any underlying unmet needs and at those repetitive unhelpful patterns of relating and behaving that obstruct the flow of emotional communication. The counselling process would facilitate insight and understanding and help resolve any long standing issues, grievances and pains.

The ultimate aim of the counselling would be to help each partner to express and communicate their needs and aspirations better and help hear, receive and support the other more effectively.

Couples Coaching

Reach your relationship potential: Even ‘good’ relationships can be improved

Book a few sessions to attend to your relationship. Give to your relationship this special time to let it become all that you want it to be and all that it can be.

We develop, grow and invariably change as individuals throughout life and our relationships also need to develop, grow and change.  To support this ‘natural’ process in a proactive, constructive way it is important to take time out to attend to it. 

The help of an experienced relationship counsellor can be very beneficial. Working on improving your relationship can make all the difference and can affect your general wellbeing in very profound and subtle but significant ways.

Mediation Counselling

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, particularly when children are involved, it is often experienced as extremely stressful, a time of pain and uncertainty with profound changes affecting many different areas of life; a time of real crisis.

Mediation counselling can help you to cope with this situation better and help all involved to communicate more respectfully and constructively.  It can help to lay the foundation for new relationship formations.

Children and young people often suffer silently as they are often not able to express sufficiently how they feel and what they are thinking. Mediation counselling can help to hear the silent members and facilitate the expression of difficult emotions which is so important. This will help to lay the foundation for a process towards adjustment and acceptance.

I can work with all the members of the affected family unit or with just a few. It is even possible to work with an individual on these issues since each part of such a system is able to affect the whole.


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"No man is an island, untire to himself "

John Donne (1572-1631)

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