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Focusing used in Therapy

I am a Certified Focusing Professional and Focusing Trainer with the Focusing Institute, New York   and I use focusing in my counselling work. Focusing gives attention to the 'here and now' of our lived and felt experience, to the moment to moment unfolding living process. This focusing attention helps to access fresh meaning and direction and is about experiencing your 'self' differently. I use the tool of focusing to help my clients move on in therapy and experience lasting changes particularly when working with painful childhood memories.

Focusing for Everyone

Focusing is a unique method or skill anyone can learn. Discovered and developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin within a therapeutic setting it is now widely used to facilitate personal development, help with decision-making processes, and to enhance emotional well-being.

It is a way to pay attention to what is going on within you. It is a way of learning to listen to yourself and your body.  Focusing helps you to know yourself better, to deal with difficult emotions and to free more of your potential. It also helps you to know what steps to take in order to move forward.  It is an effective tool for self development, self exploration and self acceptance. It empowers you. It is simple and safe. Anyone can learn it and anyone can benefit from it.

I offer focusing instruction on an individual basis or in small groups. I also run focusing workshops that are informative and fun.

A series of just six individual sessions will give you a good grasp of what focusing is and how to do it and enable you to experience all its benefits! Further practice, supervision and instruction is also available.

Why not try it? Take your wellbeing and happiness into your own hands. Please contact me for further details.

Focusing Instruction

I offer:

  • an individually tailored one-to-one approach
  • two or more people
  • Taster workshops to wet your appetite!
  • Group training courses

Individual one-to-one focusing instruction

If you choose this option the teaching will be individually tailored to your needs and your style.  You will be taught how to focus on your own.  Instruction sessions would typically be once a week for a period of 6-12 weeks. This could be a time of intense personals learning and self development. An exciting journey!

Two or more people - small group

It is often beneficial to learn with a friend or partner because you will have an ‘already made’ focusing partner for future practice.  One of you will focus and the other facilitates and vice a versa.  This will be taught and practiced in our sessions. 


I offer a range of stand alone workshops, for example my ‘Focusing Taster Workshop’.  A workshop is a great way to find out more about focusing and whether this is something you might want to learn more about and get involved with.  It also offers the opportunity to meet with likeminded people with the possibility of forming a focusing partnership. 

Training Courses

These are longer courses to help you develop your focusing skills; typically consisting of six days spanning a period of three months to allow you to practice in between sessions to consolidate your learning.

Please contact me for further information.

“Focusing will enable you to find and change where life is stuck, cramped, hemmed in, slowed down. And it will enable you to change – to live from a deeper place than just your thoughts and feeling.”

Dr. Eugene Gendlin 

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